Organic Garlic


Joey Rochford, our resident garlic farmer, started growing garlic on a farm in Ballan in north west Victoria. In 2019 Plants Bandit moved to our new permanent home in Newstead, Central Victoria.Β  We offer organically grown garlic to kitchens of all sizes, restaurants, cafes, homes, or anyone who just likes their plant life edible.

PER KG – Our garlic is $30/kg and comes in two varieties – White Crookneck and Pink Otway. Both of these varieties have a lovely strong flavour and keep for several months, up to six if stored in a drystore (aka cool airy space) out of direct sunlight.



PER BULB – For taster amounts, bulbs are $4 each



GIANT BULBS – We also grow Giant Russian (or Elephant) garlic bulbs for a more mild flavour (and great for roasting) for $30/kg or $5 per bulb. They will also keep for several months in a drystore, away from sunlight and moisture.



GARLIC FLOWERS – Giant Russian flowers are popular as dried bouquets and we can provide them as singles for $1 or bunches for $5 each.



SCAPES – The new kale. Scapes taste like garlic but without the intensity of the bulb. They can be chopped up into anything – pizza topping, fresh pasta, stir fry. They’ll keep in the fridge crisper for up to 20 weeks. But for the best flavour, eat fresh.