2021 Early Bird Garlic Orders Are Open

Plants Bandit garlic plants are looking strong, green and tall this season. The leaves are making the most of the slow organic feed and the blanket mulch over the year has kept weeds away. Nothing beats chemical free garlic.

If you’re a regular friend of Plants Bandit, you can get your Early Bird orders in now. If you’re new to us, we can put your order on the list, and we’ll get to you shortly after.

2021 Garlic is in the Ground!

Plants Bandit garlic for 2021 has now been planted and mulched. Check in here or on Instagram for news on when garlic is ready. Harvest is usually October/November. After cleaning and curing, garlic is usually ready to go by November/December.

If you’ve been a regular customer with Plants Bandit (thanks comrades!), you’ll get first dibs and can order early to beat the rush. Look out for an email soon. 🙂