Garlic Orders Open!

Against all the odds 2020 Plants Bandit Garlic is now available for pre-purchase. Phew. That was a tough season, hey mates?

Single garlic bulbs, by the kilogram, garlic braids, scapes and garlic flowers can now be ordered online. Message us here, check out instagram, send Plants Bandit an email, or set free your carrier pigeon to make sure you get on the list.

When will I get my order?

Garlic Scapes – November

Garlic Bulbs – December

Garlic Braids – December

Garlic Flowers – December/January

How will I get my order?

All orders can be either Click & Collect or Contactless delivery if you’re in Melbourne.

Further afield? Your orders can be safely mailed to you.

How much is my garlic?

Garlic Scapes – $5 a bunch

Garlic Bulbs – $3 a bulb or $35 a kg

Garlic Braids – $35 for a braid of 9, $45 for a braid of 12