Garlic Almost Sold Out


  • Our Pink Otway and White Crookneck varieties are now sold out.



  • Giant Russian variety – $3 a bulb or $30 a kg


  • Pink Otway seed bulbs – $20 a kg

* Seed bulbs are just a little bit on the ugly side – same flavour, same cloves, they just lack that pretty face of a kitchen cooking bulb. Check the little Brady bunch below to see the difference between pretty garlic on top row (sold out) and seed bulbs on bottom row (ugly but with an awesome personality):



Garlic is Ready

The 2018/2019 season garlic is ready and orders are being taken.

There are still some Pink Otway and White Crookneck  varieties available. They are $4 per bulb or $30/kg (about 12-15 bulbs per kg).


Orders for our famous Giant Russian garlic can also be made now.  They are $5 a bulb or $35/kg (approx 6-8 bulbs per kg)



All scapes and Giant Russian flowers are sold out for 2019.


Message us in Contact page for orders 🙂